Thursday, 13 December 2012

BBusty Magnus Ubera

In November of 2010 I released my first prim breasts called B-Busty Implants.

One year later in December of 2011 I improved the prim breasts with the B-Busty Evolution, the old B-Busty Implants were updated with new skins and added a HUD to control them, also the name changed to B-Busty Basic.

And today It's a pleasure to present the non-rigged mesh breasts BBusty Magnus Ubera. I decided to step into mesh creation with these natural looking breasts.

If you are asking yourself why release more breasts attachments for Second Life with a market plenty of them, my answer is choice. The Magnus Ubera have a young natural looking breasts.

The package contains:
  • Magnus Ubera Mesh Breasts (Modificable and Copiable)
  • HUD
  • User Manual
  • Default shirt
  • Default bra
  • Designers Kit
The price of these new mesh breasts is 350 L$. You can get them at the in-world store or at marketplace.

You also can get the Ginger Pack, It includes the skin you see in the pic the price is 400 L$.


  1. is this compatible with lolas pushup?

    1. No, they need their own appliers. All my clothes will support them, I expect to have everything updated this weekend.