Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fitting Tango Skins on Magnus Ubera

If you have tried a Lolas Tango skin on your BBusty Magnus Ubera using the Tango Translator, sure you noticed It doesn't fit well. It's because the UV maps aren't 100% exactly.

If you are experienced in editing stuff in Second Life, probably you found a way to fit them, but not everybody knows how to do it, so if you are one of them keep reading.

To make this small tutorial I used skins from Al Vulo!, MOJO and EGO.

Let's start with the Al Vulo! Alyss skin. Wear the skin, and wear the BBusty Magnus Ubera Advanced HUD.

Now use the Tango applier and you will get the skin applied on the Magnus Ubera but one of the nipples isn't in the right place.

Now click on the "Lolas Tango Skin Nipple Fix".

Now both nipples are in the right place.

Let's see another example.

The next skin is the MEDA Skin from MOJO.

We do the same, wear the skin, the advanced HUD and use the Tango applier, now the bad positioning of the nipple is even more visible.

Using the "Lolas Tango Skin Nipple Fix" also will fix it very easy.

Because the special shape of the BBusty Magnus Ubera breasts, not all skins will be so easy to fix.

Let's see a more complex example.

Here is the Mia skin from Ego and the Tango applier without the fix.

 Now we use the "Lolas Tango Skin Nipple Fix".
This time didn't fit as we expected. Click on the Advanced button in the HUD and you will see the next options.

 If you have edited textures in Second Life you will recognize the options but I will explain for the people who doesn't know it.

  • Repeats Per face, allows you to make a texture bigger or smaller (Well... sort off). It will allow us to separate or join the nipples.
  • Texture Offset allow us to positioning the texture.
Let's see how to fix the skin we are talking about. The first we notice is the nipples are lower than they should be. Click on the "-" option of the Texture Vertical Offset.

You will see the texture position changes, I click 5 times and I got this result.

It's almost fixed, but we can make looks nicer.

Click on the "-" option of the Texture Horizontal Repeats Per Face.

 I clicked on it 6 times and the result is the next.

And finally I clicked on the "+" option of the Horizontal Texture Offset, to get the final result.

Some skins are more complex to adjust but finally you will get they look nice on your BBusty Magnus Ubera ;).

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