Sunday, 31 October 2010

Here we go :-)

Hello, my name in Second Life is Eira Kalil, I am owner of Tiny Things, a brand focused on low-cost products for Second Life.

When I came to Second Life my look was newbie (like everybody when starts :P), so I wanted to make me look more "sexy", I started to search but everything I wanted was too expensive for me, I am not a professional but I made some GIMP works so I decided to make my own skin using some templates I found on the net.

That was the start, with a skin, but an avatar needs more than just that and now I am making everything my avatar will have.

I decided to share all I create at low prices, maybe you are thinking "why don't share it for free?" that's a good question and have a good answer, upload images to Second Life cost 10 L$ and I spend some time creating it, I don't want to get rich I just need to get some L$ to keep working on new things and pay the shop I own, so you can get my creations, isn't it fair? :).

Take a look to my shop, there is no many things yet but I have more things finished or almost finished. Every week you will see new products.

Have fun!