Saturday, 19 January 2013

Goodbye limitations. Welcome Tiny Things Translators

If you own BBusty Magnus Ubera or BBusty Evolution, here I bring you good news.

Now you can apply any Lolas Tango clothing or skin applier to the Magnus Ubera. It's a small HUD that makes the translation without need to touch anything, You only need to wear the translator and use the Lolas Appliers normally.

The BBusty Evolution owners will be able to use Universal Implants appliers, may need some manual adjustments but It will increase your clothing repertory to all stores supporting Universal Implants.

How much are these thingies? one billion of lindens, ehmm... I mean 1L$ :P.

Get them at the in-world store or at my marketplace store.

Tango translator here.

Universal Implants translator here.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Big Boobie Babes group

I joined to the Big Boobie Babes group, I am ashamed to don't make it before, because It's a great group to exchange information about freebies, hunts, etc in the prim breast community.

If you didn't know the group, check out the poster in my store to join to it and be sure to read their blog.

I added in the list another store that supports BBusty Magnus Ubera, thanks to Babs (the Big Boobie Babes group creator) for pointing that out.

Using Lolas Tango Appliers on BBusty Magnus Ubera

UPDATE: Magnus Ubera accepts Lolas Tango appliers by default, you don't need to do it anymore.

Many people is asking me to add more clothing support for BBusty Magnus Ubera, day by day more stores are adding support for the breasts (look at the right for a complete list of stores already support them) but meanwhile if you own Lolas Tango there is a little trick to use the Lolas Tango Appliers on your Magnus Ubera breasts.

To follow this step by step tutorial you must own the Lolas Tango already, for now It's a temporal fix to add more clothing support to the Magnus Ubera.

If you aren't very experienced in editing, I recommend to make a copy of Lolas Tango and Magnus Ubera breasts before start the tutorial, just in case you spoil anything by accident.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013