Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Color sender for Magnus Ubera

I got some request about send a specific color to the Magnus Ubera's skin, with this small HUD, you can send color in RGB or HTML (Hex) format. It will help to match the breasts with the skin but only will be helpful if you know what are RGB and Hex colors :).

The use is pretty easy, click on the HUD, a text box menu will pop up, type the color value in RGB or Hex format and click Submit.

The HUD is available at the in-world store or at marketplace for 0 L$.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Group gift and 50% off

I am back after a few weeks away from Second Life, to celebrate it, I have placed a small beach with group gift and summer related items are 50% off.

To go to this small beach you must look for a surfing board in the in-world store, here is a screenshot:

Keep in mind the same products are at the store with regular price, you only get 50% off if you go to the beach.

One of the items is a skin for only 75L$, includes appliers for most of major prim/mesh breasts brands.

There you can get the group gift.
The beach will be available only in August.

Happy summer!