Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nerd girl

Tired of those all sexy outfits? Let's get nerd, or maybe the real sexiness is it?. Anyway It looks nice and funny.

It includes glasses, shoulder bag, sneakers, skirt and bottom jacket in mesh.

This time I included two layers for the jacket, you can use it with or without the mesh bottom.

Also for first time, in the top applier you will notice that the Magnus Ubera and Tango have an extra bra applier, It allows you to wear the top on two layer of your election. You can wear it on the top layer or bra layer.

This awesome outfit is already for sale only for 49L$.

In the snapshot I am wearing the top replacement for the Magnus Ubera, remember you can get it for 50 L$.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fitting Tango Skins on Magnus Ubera

If you have tried a Lolas Tango skin on your BBusty Magnus Ubera using the Tango Translator, sure you noticed It doesn't fit well. It's because the UV maps aren't 100% exactly.

If you are experienced in editing stuff in Second Life, probably you found a way to fit them, but not everybody knows how to do it, so if you are one of them keep reading.

To make this small tutorial I used skins from Al Vulo!, MOJO and EGO.

BBusty Magnus Ubera Advanced HUD

This is the improved HUD for the BBusty Magnus Ubera. It's almost the same the default one but with the next improvements:
  • Now the color palette picker is more intuitive and easier. There is a marker which indicate which layer you are tinting.
  • The Lolas Tango translator is included with the HUD. When you have worn the HUD you can use your Lolas Tango appliers.
  • Nipple Fix for Lolas Tango skins.
  • Advanced texture adjustment.
The advanced HUD is sold for 10 L$. Buy it ONLY if you need some of the improvements.