Friday, 12 August 2011

B-Busty Implants first review!

I've had the pleasure of meet to Maggie Bluxome, a wonderful woman. She has, between other things, a web related with implants fashion for Second Life,in her web she has reviewed the B-Busty implants.

Check out her web, really very interesting overall if you use Implants in SL, she also editor of the BUSTED magazine.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tiny Things expands support for clothes

Time for an update, after one month of silent here are some news:
  • B-Busty Implants will get designs from another cloth designer. So the clothing catalog for the implants will get bigger. Also I'm trying to get a skin maker to make skins compatible with the implants.
  • Tiny Things outfits will be compatible with another implants. For now I'm making compatible Universal Implants, if you have others implants and want to support them, let me know.
I'll give more details as soon as I get something to show ;-).