Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

At the moment of typing it isn't 2013 yet, but probably I won't be online until next year so I wish you all a happy new year and I bring you all, two awesome dresses to finish the year, to start the year or for any formal event.

The New Hope Dress contains a mesh skirt and mesh shoes and Its price is 50 L$.

The Platinum Dress is available for 35 L$, It includes mesh shoes too.

The snapshot was taken at Paris 1900.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Xmas!

Ho ho ho! Merry Xmas! I was talking with Santa and he made me work on Xmas Day ._., oh well! here I bring a group gift for you all.

Come to the store to get your gift :D. It comes with appliers for almost all prim and mesh breasts (BBusty Magnus Ubera, Lolas Tango, Universal Implants, eBoobs, iBoobs, Lolas, etc).

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Ginger skin and past hunts items

The Ginger skin is available at the in-world store and at marketplace. It includes appliers for Lolas Tango, Magnus Ubera, Lolas, Universal Implants, eBoobs Natural, B-Busty (Basic and Evolution).

The price is 150 L$.

If you missed the last two hunts or if you use the new BBusty Magnus Ubera or Lolas Tango, here you can get the outfits were available in those hunts.

The price is 35L$ for the Pumpkin Witch (It includes boots) and 25 L$ for the Hot Lady.

Noel Girl

I didn't have a good xmas outfit so I decided It was time to make one (I will use it all xmas because I love it :P).

The outfit includes all you see in the pic. Yes, the boots too.

The price is 35 L$. Get it at the in-world store or at marketplace.

Expect two more outfits for xmas :D.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Clothing updates Part II

Almost It's finished... all skins are available for Magnus Ubera and Lolas Tango, and the next items are updated too:
  • Independence Dress
  • Bikini Summer 2012
  • Valentine 2011
  • Like a Cow
  • Easter Rabbit
  • Abstract Floral
  • Irish Girl
  • High School Cheerleader
  • White Heart
  • Penguin Sport
  • I love the 80s
  • Robogirl Reloaded
  • Babydoll Valentine
  • Love in Paris
  • Robogirl
  • Winter Sweater (dollarbie)
  • Nordic Inspiration
  • Sweater Dress
  • Zombie Cheerleader
  • Butterfly
  • Saint Patrick 2011
  • Dark Heart
  • NightDress
  • Sweet Love
  • Miss Santa
Oh! now they are available at the in-world store and at marketplace.

Tomorrow more @_@

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Clothing updates Part I

Hi girls! The next items have been updated to support the new BBusty Magnus Ubera and the Lolas Tango. They are updated ONLY at the in-world store at the moment.
  • Miss Gungellan
  • Militia Girl
  • Mummy Scream
  • Ghost Lady
  • Lovely Autumn
  • Red Ninja
  • Tudor
  • Akita
  • Milk
  • Boxing Time
  • Mistress of Darkness
  • Odyssey
  • Lady Buccaneer
  • Sun Beach
  • Group Gift

Thursday, 13 December 2012

B-Busty Basic and Evolution

With the release of the new breasts I decided to change the price of the old B-Busty.

You can get the B-Busty Basic prim breasts for now only 99 L$. And the B-Busty Evolution for 200 L$.

If you bought the B-Busty Basic 6 months ago or less you can update to B-Busty Evolution for only 50 L$, to do it send me a notecard with the order number.

BBusty Magnus Ubera

In November of 2010 I released my first prim breasts called B-Busty Implants.

One year later in December of 2011 I improved the prim breasts with the B-Busty Evolution, the old B-Busty Implants were updated with new skins and added a HUD to control them, also the name changed to B-Busty Basic.

And today It's a pleasure to present the non-rigged mesh breasts BBusty Magnus Ubera. I decided to step into mesh creation with these natural looking breasts.

If you are asking yourself why release more breasts attachments for Second Life with a market plenty of them, my answer is choice. The Magnus Ubera have a young natural looking breasts.

The package contains:
  • Magnus Ubera Mesh Breasts (Modificable and Copiable)
  • HUD
  • User Manual
  • Default shirt
  • Default bra
  • Designers Kit
The price of these new mesh breasts is 350 L$. You can get them at the in-world store or at marketplace.

You also can get the Ginger Pack, It includes the skin you see in the pic the price is 400 L$.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Tiny Things updates

I know I have been very quiet the past weeks, two weeks with no news. It doesn't mean I haven't been working, in fact I have been working on a new project more than one month.

I'm updating all my products with the Lolas Tango appliers, I didn't publish anything yet because I need to add one more applier and... well I think It's enough information for now :).

Keep an eye on this blog.