Pet User Guide

Welcome to the Pet user guide! Here you will find everything you need to know to use and interact with your pet.

0. Introduction

Satsuki is an interactive pet that sits on your shoulder. You must take care of her, make her happy, play with her and teach her. If you treat her well she will be in love with you and she will allow you to play with her breasts.

You can interact with the pet with the Smartphone included in the package. Let's see how it works.

  1. Call: Make a phone call to your pet
  2. Game: Play Rock, Paper, Scissors game with your pet
  3. Messages: Send text messages to your pet
  4. Clothes: Play a game to take off the clothes of your pet
  5. Tits: Play with pet's tits
  6. Food: Give food to your pet
  7. Love: Give love to your pet
  8. Info: Pet's status
  9. Study: Teach your pet
  10. Settings: Change the name, size and other options of your pet
  11. Friends: Add pet's friends
  12. Cards: Play cards with your pet

1. Call

When you call her, she will be a little more happy. If she is already in love with you It will increase the love too.

2. Game
Pet gets happier when you play with her. It's the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game. Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock. Click on one of the three buttons to make your selection.

When you choose an option you will see she also makes a choice.

3. Messages
When you click on the text bar (1) a text box will show up, type the messages you want to send to your pet and she will answers you. You can also send emoticons (2).

4. Clothes

 In this mini game you have to click the right button 3 times to be able to take off clothes. Click start (1), then you will see a popup with a button, then you have a limited time to click on A, B, X or Y buttons (2). When you do it right three times you will hear "Yatta" then you will be able to take off clothes (3). You can dress the pet again by clicking the Reset button (4).

5. Tits

WARNING: Your pet must have at least 5 points of Love to be able to use this mini game. Every time you use one of the tits option you will lose a little of pet's love.

  1. Choose if you want to use one hand o two hands.
  2. Pull the breasts in one direction.
  3. Right breast options (push, pull, shake, milk or make bigger).
  4. Same as above but for left breast.
6. Food

By clicking on each button the pet will use them. Click on the same button to animate the pet.

Choose an option to make happy to your pet, you will see how she reacts when you hold on an option.


In this screen you can check the pet status. If you don't interact with your pet for more than 14 days, you will lose all your progress.

9. Study

This mini game will teach your pet. Click on the subject matter (1 or 3) she must learn, you will see a popup with a brain. Now you must click many times on the color of the popup, you will see a "You Win" popup when It's complete, if you stop to click or you don't click quick enough you will loose and you have to start again.

10. Settings
  1. Change the pet's name.
  2. Reset the pet (WARNING: It resets everything, the name, the studies, the happiness and the love).
  3. This help
  4. Resizes the pet. If after resize the pet you don't see it correctly, deattach and attach it again, that should fix it.
  5. Play or mute sounds.
  6. If you enable touch, the pet will react to other avatars touching her.

If you know another person who owns a pet you can be friends, that will make your pet very happy. The process to add a friend is the next:

First both Smartphones have to be in this screen (Friends screen), then if you want to add a friend the another person must click on share button (1), then you will receive a notification that there is a new friend around, now click on any of the available spaces (3) and you will add that friend.

If the another person wants to add you, then when both are in the friends screen, you must click on share button (1), and the another person can add you as friend.

If your friend list is full and you want to remove, click on the trash button (2) and then click on the friend you want to delete.

12. Cards
Highest card game, click on the card you want and she will select a random card, if your card is higher, you win, if not you lose.