Saturday, 7 July 2018

Peggy Update is here


· Updated to Bento (Hands, vulva)
· Updated to Omega Evolved
· New rig (changed bone weights, the body "looks better" playing animations)
· Improved clothing layers
· Reduced the complexity to 22.000 (Less lag, load faster for others, people with low graphic settings can see you)
· Fixed neck bones
· Skin with materials added.
· Older versions are not included anymore, clothes won't be compatible with them.

NOTE: Mesh clothes for Peggy are being updated, if you already purchased some of them you will notice they don't fit with the new version, please be patient; the clothes will be updated ASAP. All clothes are updated to fit the new version.

How to get the update?

If you got it at in-world store and you didn't receive it yet, go to the store and use the redelivery terminal. If you got at marketplace, send a notecard to Eira Kalil with your order number.

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