Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Do you like to hunt?

If you usually visit my in-world store you will know the decoration changes completely when arrive a special event, for example change of temperate season.

This year I mixed the Autumn (or Fall) and Halloween decoration, I know It's soon for Halloween but decorate the store for just one night It's too much work, so let's enjoy halloween for at least two months hehehe.

Hunts are coming but meanwhile I hid a dollarbie in the store.

Yep, skull pasties for prim breasts (B-Busty Evolution, eBoobs Naturals, Universal Implants and Lolas), all are worn in the bra layer but the Lolas use the top layer.


Skin: Kara Skin
Breasts: B-Busty Evolution
Outfit: Babydoll Valentine

Ohhh... to get the skull pasties you need to look for a pumpkin, It's easy I promise :-).

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