Milking Game

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    • Milking game system
    • Compatible with Tiny Things, Maitreya, Belleza and Altamura bodies.
    • Price: HUD: 499 L$, Milk Addon: 99L$ (Required)
    • Produce/share/sell milk
    • Potions to increase the production and/or reduce the time
    • Potion to cure your milk if it gets spoiled.
    • Milk flavors (Yummy!)

Get the Milk Addon for your body:

      • Buy the milk addon for your body:
      • Wear the HUD and the milk addon for your body.

      1. Text info about the status, quantity, flavor, how much milk is being produced, last time you milked your breasts... It updates automatically.
      2. Visual info about how much milk you have. It's approximate, so always you want to check the text info. Milk limit in your breasts is 1000 ml. Click on the bottle to force update text info or remove the milk target (don't worry if you don't understand it now, we'll talk about targets later).
      3. To Milk or stop milking your breasts.
      4. Choose the speed of milk, soft means slow, normal means... normal and hard means fast.
      5. Select breast to milk, left, right or both.

        • Milk is produced automatically, by default 10ml per hour. You can increase milk production with potions. The milk is produced ONLY if you are wearing the HUD.
        • You can keep your breasts full only for 30 minutes y you don't milk them they will start to drain automatically.
        • You MUST milk your breasts at least one time per week or your milk will spoil. 

You can share or get milk directly from the breasts.Wear the Key included with the HUD. Ask to someone who wants to drink from your breasts to touch it.

        If you look the HUD before someone touch the key, you can see Target: None

      When someone click on the key it will disappear and if you look your HUD, you can see Target: (the avatar who clicked on it).

      Now milk your breasts and you will transfer milk directly to another avatar.
      If you want to clear the target click on the bottle status in the HUD.

      You can store milk to drink when you need it, share or sell to others.

      1. Mug (Wear) : Capacity: 100ml / Expires in 3 days
      2. Bottle (Wear): Capacity: 500ml / Expires in 14 days
      3. Bucket (Rezz): Capacity: 1.000ml / Expires in 7 days
      4. Milk Can (Rezz): Capacity: 5.000ml / Expires in 30 days
      5. Milk Tank (Rezz): Capacity: 10.000ml / Expires in 90 days

      To keep the milk in good status inside the storage you only need to fill it with any amount of milk and the expire date will reset. For example for a bottle you would need to fill any amount of milk at least once every 14 days.
      The milk storage objects are transfer, so you can give to others.

      How to use:
      Click on the storage (mug, bottle, bucket...)
        • Drink: Transfer milk from storage to the HUD (breasts).
        • Fill: Sets the storage to receive milk.
        • Transfer: Send milk from one storage to another one.
        • Stop: Stop any milk transfer.
        • Drain: Drain the milk in the storage
        • Authorize: Add, Remove or List friends to drink or fill the storage.

       To fill the storage from your breasts, click on the storage, then select Fill, now turn on the milk on your HUD.
      To transfer milk from one storage to another:
       Click on storage (1) and select Fill, you will see "Waiting for milk...", then click on storage (2) and select Transfer, It'll transfer 10ml from storage (2) to storage (1).

      Add your logo to the milk can or the milk tank:

      Click on the Milk Can (1), select the Logo option (2), copy the UUID of your image logo (3) and paste it into the text field (4).

      Sharing Storage with Friends:

      You can share milk in one of your storages and friends can fill your storage too.

      Click on the storage and select Authorize->Add and select the name of the friend you want to add.

      Give the ID Card to your friend, anytime she wants to interact she MUST wear the ID Card.

      WARNING: Mixing milk from more than 1 person can spoil the milk in the storage. Also mixing flavors can spoil the milk. 5% of possibilities.

      You can increase the milk production, reduce the time production or even change the flavor of your milk. You can do it with potions. The duration of the potions effects are 1 day and they are only 1 use.

      WARNING:  Time reducer and increase milk production potions can SPOIL your milk. 5% of possibilities.


      Milkshake Mixer:

      Milkshake properties:

      • You get back the milk you used to produce it (250 ml)
      • Reduce 10 minutes of milk production for each flavor, for example if you produce a milkshake with 2 flavors you produce milk 20 minutes earlier.
      • Produce 10 ml of milk more with each milker, for example if you produce a milkshake with another person you'll produce 20 ml instead of the default 10ml.
      • If you have multiple flavors and milkers you get time reduction and increase the milk production.
      • If you have 3 or more flavors and 3 or more milkers you'll get a milkshake that give you time reduction, increase your milk production and CURE your milk if it's spoiled!
      • The milkshake expires 3 days after you produced it.

      Rezz your milkshake mixer

      To add milk, just touch the plastic lid

      Milk your breasts

      Close the mixer and press ON button to mix.

      WARNING: Don't press the ON button while the mixer is open or you'll lose all the milk inside the mixer.

      Once It's finished the mixer will stop automatically but you can stop the mixer at any time you want and resume the mix later.
      Wear a milkshake glass

      Open the mixer and touch the glass you want to fill.

      DONE! It's ready to drink

      Touch the glass to drink it, remember to wear your milk HUD before drink it!

      Your friends can use your milkshake mixer!

      Touch the Access button and manage your access list.

      Give the ID Card to your friend, anytime she wants to use the mixer she MUST wear the ID Card.